My Sea to Sky is a grassroots, volunteer organization that was started by a group of Squamish citizens in March 2014 in response to growing concerns about the proposed Woodfibre LNG project.

Concerned citizens around Howe Sound have joined us to share their voices and express their shared concerns about the amount of unsustainable development proposed for this beautiful fjord we call home.

We are a diverse group of people, from all walks of life. We are business owners, scientists, construction workers, medical professionals, teachers, students, lawyers, parents, artists, engineers, accountants, and much more. People that are bound by the common concern about building an export LNG terminal in Howe Sound without the careful consideration of long term, destructive effects to our communities and our environment.

The objectives of My Sea to Sky are:

  • To educate and raise awareness of projects that would negatively impact the environment and quality of life for communities located in Howe Sound. 
  • To work together, partnering with other communities and other organizations to create a strong, unified voice to share a sustainable vision for Howe Sound and B.C.
  • Actively protest unsustainable development proposals within Howe Sound.

The values of My Sea to Sky are:

  • Respect all points of view.
  • Empower citizens to engage by finding common ground.
  • Be inclusive and transparent.
  • Use rational fact-based information.