My Sea To Sky is a people-powered environmental organization that was founded in 2014 with the mission to protect Howe Sound for future generations. We are bound together by our love for this wild place we all call home, and share a vision for a just transition to a renewable-energy economy. We actively advocate against unsustainable industrial projects that threaten the recovery of Howe Sound by organizing educational events; coordinating research; building partnerships and respectful relationships; lifting up First Nations voices and culture; and facilitating public engagement with our municipal, provincial, and federal governments. We aim to inspire our community to become activists, and make it as simple as possible for people to take action at critical moments.

Our mission

To inspire, educate, and organize our communities to protect Howe Sound and transition to a renewable energy future.

Our vision

Howe Sound is world renowned for its wild natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and the vibrant communities we call home. We value intact ecosystems that sustain and support our communities, our livelihoods, and our diverse and sustainable local economies. We envision a future where Howe Sound is protected for present and future generations, and our communities thrive as we transition to a renewable-energy economy.

The objectives of My Sea to Sky are:

  • To educate and raise awareness of projects that would negatively impact the environment and quality of life for communities located in Howe Sound. 
  • To work together, partnering with other communities and other organizations to create a strong, unified voice to share a sustainable vision for Howe Sound and B.C.
  • Actively protest unsustainable development proposals within Howe Sound.

The values of My Sea to Sky are:

  • Respect all points of view.
  • Empower citizens to engage by finding common ground.
  • Be inclusive and transparent.
  • Use rational fact-based information.