Woodfibre LNG's Climate Change Impacts

Locally, Woodfibre LNG will create 1.6 times the greenhouse gas emissions of all of Squamish.

Squamish produces 88,538 tonnes of CO2 pollution every year (calculations by Carbon Engineering).1 Woodfibre LNG estimates the project will produce an additional 142,000 tonnes of CO2 pollution every year during operations.2 It doesn't matter how much we as individuals reduce our personal greenhouse gas emissions when industry is permitted to pollute so much. Industry needs to be held accountable. We cannot allow new fossil fuel infrastructure to be built.


Woodfibre LNG's local and upstream greenhouse gas emissions are equivalent to adding 170,000 cars to the road every year.

Woodfibre LNG and its associated upstream operations (e.g., fracking, methane leaks) could result in the emission of 805,000 tonnes of carbon pollution annually, which is equivalent to adding 170,000 cars to the road every year.3



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