Burn it all! BC is increasing exports of coal AND liquefied natural gas to China

Supporters of the Woodfibre LNG project often claim that China needs our LNG to help them get off coal to improve their air pollution problems and reduce greenhouse gases. The reality is much more complex as BC is also increasing our coal exports to send to China.

"Around 11.8 million tonnes of the coal leaving Vancouver’s ports is thermal coal mined from sources in the Wyoming harvest bed and shipped to China to be burned in electric power generation facilities. FSD’s 4 million tonne expansion is sourced from the same Wyoming coal-fields, and then transported in uncovered train cars to the Surrey facility where it will be loaded onto barges and shipped to Texada Island.

There, it will be dumped into open collection piles before filling the cargo holds of ocean-going vessels destined for power generation plants in China." Source: Vancouver Observer

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