Christy Clark's desperate election ploy


Last week Premier Christy Clark organized a last-minute press conference over at the Woodfibre LNG site to announce that the "project is a go" thanks to the latest eDrive electricity rate for the LNG industry. This eDrive rate is equivalent to a subsidy of $34 million every year for Woodfibre LNG - all for 100 jobs. You do the math on that.




Never mind that Woodfibre LNG has no customers, no financing, no First Nations approval, no social license, no LNG tanker regulations in place, or that the project needs to undergo another Environmental Assessment for the change from seawater cooling to air cooling. Our take is that this is a desperate election ploy as Christy Clark needs to show that at least one LNG project is moving forward. However, Woodfibre LNG isn't a publicly traded company, so this Financial Investment Decision is meaningless as it can be reversed at any time.

Woodfibre LNG does not fit our values or our vision for the future of Howe Sound. Every community around Howe Sound has expressed their opposition to this project, yet Christy Clark’s government continues to bend over backwards to enable another boom and bust fossil fuel industry. We should be investing in renewable energy rather than building new fossil fuel infrastructure that will stop us from meeting the greenhouse gas reduction targets agreed to at COP 21 in Paris.

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It's time to take action. Skwomesh Action and My Sea to Sky are organizing a prayer gathering and peaceful demonstration to stand united with water protectors everywhere. We are planning to capture epic drone footage of everyone forming the letters NO LNG with the Stawamus Chief behind us (weather permitting). Bring your drums, regalia, signs, lawn chairs, and any sacred prayer items. Wear warm, rainproof clothing, and bring your umbrellas and a hot beverage in a reusable mug.

Standing with Water Protectors

WHEN: Sunday, November 20th from 10.30am to 12pm

WHERE: Stawamus Waterfront, 1221 Chief Billy Drive Squamish BC







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