Defend the Salish Sea from LNG

Hosted by Skwomesh Action

The Skwomesh Action group has organized a very important rally on March 29th at Nexen Beach and they are calling on EVERYONE to join together and stand up for Howe Sound and the Salish Sea and say NO to Woodfibre LNG. Please join us!

The Howe Sound is a inlet on the rebound from a hundred years of industrialization. Now the Christy Clark government wants to steamroll our community in supporting turning a shutdown former pulp mill site into a liquefied natural gas export facility.

The Howe Sound is and has been the homeland of the Squamish People for thousands of years. Places like Horseshoe Bay, Bowen Island, Gibson's Landing, Woodfibre, and Squamish have been called Ch'áx̱ay̓, Nex̱wlélex̱m, Schenḵ’, Swíy̓at, and X̱wúneḵw. We continue to live, work, and play in this beautiful part of our territory.

Indigenous women from the Squamish Nation in the Squamish Valley are calling for all people to march in solidarity with them and the Squamish People on March 29th, 2015 to send a message that we want a healthy Howe Sound full of life.

Their message is clear: No Woodfibre LNG in the Howe Sound.

This event is led by women from the Squamish Nation in the Squamish Valley to call on all people’s everywhere to stand with the Squamish People in the protection of the Salish Sea from all political leadership. This march is an opportunity for all First Nations and Non-First Nations people to support the Squamish People in defending their territory.


There are many ways to support this rally:

1) Spread the word and join us (all genders welcome) for the March 29th march and rally. We respectfully ask that you please do not bring your banners, flags, or leaflets unless supported by the organizers.

2) Carpool. Do you have a vehicle and can bring folks with you? Do you need someone to carpool with? We'll be announcing a sign-up sheet for carpooling arrangements.

Thank you all for your support and commitment,
Skwomesh Action

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