During construction only 38.5 jobs out of 895 are for Squamish locals

During construction, only 4.3% of jobs will be for locals living in the Squamish/Whistler corridor (See Table 6.2-8 of the Labour Market section of Woodfibre LNG’s environmental assessment application). The rest of the jobs are actually going to folks in Metro Vancouver, other areas of BC or Canada, and overseas. Deals have already been signed with foreign workers and foreign companies. Most of the construction is happening overseas.

Table 6.2-8 is difficult to understand, for while it looks like 4.3% of jobs for locals equals 77 full-time jobs, that number is the sum of jobs per year, over two years. So there are really only 38.5 jobs for Squamish locals each year during the two-year construction phase out of the 895 estimated jobs (page 6.2-24).