2019 Federal Election

The Federal election is coming up on October 21st 2019. Here's what you need to do:

1. Get informed

Who are your candidates? What are their values? Are they willing to collaborate with others across party lines? How well will they represent their constituents in Ottawa? This is a critical time for Canada, and who we elect will determine whether we tackle our climate emergency, or continue to bury our head in the sand and promote dirty fossil fuel projects. Make sure you vote wisely.

Learn more about the parties and your candidate!

Watch the all-candidates debates

Watch the federal leaders debate to learn more about each party. But remember, you should be voting for your specific candidate in your riding! Don't vote for the leader, or the party. You need to know more about who your candidates are, and whether they are a serious contender or just there to warm a seat for a particular party (and split the vote).


WATCH THE MACLEANS DEBATE 2019-09-12 (note that Justin Trudeau chose not to participate)

Where do the parties stand on Woodfibre LNG?

  • The Green Party is the only party that has clearly stated its opposition to Woodfibre LNG and LNG development. They have promised to ban fracking outright as part of their platform, and given that 85% of our natural gas currently comes from fracking, that means LNG projects simply cannot happen. SEE GREEN PARTY PLATFORM
  • The NDP have previously expressed opposition to fracking, but currently support LNG development. Yes, there is a disconnect there. Svend Robinson is the only NDP candidate that is vocally opposed to LNG development and fracking. They have committed to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies, but their platform makes no specific mention of LNG or fracking. Given the Provincial NDP support for LNG it is unlikely that the Federal NDP will oppose LNG development. READ MORE HERE and SEE NDP PARTY PLATFORM
  • Over the last four years Liberals have committed several tax breaks and subsidies to support LNG development, and have approved several LNG projects. Their platform makes no mention of eliminating fossil fuel subsidies, and their recent purchase of an oil pipeline will make it much harder for Canada to transition away from fossil fuels. SEE LIBERAL PARTY PLATFORM
  • The Conservatives are clearly committed to supporting more oil and gas development including LNG, and will eliminate the carbon tax despite evidence that carbon taxes work to reduce emissions.

2. Vote!

In the last Federal election in 2015, there was an increase in voter turnout to 68.5%, the highest voter turnout since 1993. The people we elect to Federal government will be making key decisions on the future of Canada, and how we take action on climate change. Your vote is critical.

Vote on election day:

Vote at your assigned polling station on Monday, October 21st. Times vary by polling station. IMPORTANT! You must vote at your assigned polling station!