Gas pipelines can become oil pipelines

The concern that gas pipelines can become oil pipelines has been raised a lot in the last year. The BC Liberals have responded by saying that a new regulation prohibits proposed natural gas pipelines from transporting oil or diluted bitumen. The problem is that this government keeps changing their own legislation. They've already rebranded natural gas as a clean energy resource, a reversal of its earlier policy which recognized the need to shift our dependency away from ALL fossil fuels. They're also proposing to repeal the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act and replace it with a watered down Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting & Control Act (Bill 2).

There is absolutely no assurance that this gas pipeline won't be used to transport tar sands oil in future. The possibility that this gas pipeline could become an oil pipeline is an unacceptable risk for Squamish and Howe Sound.

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