Get informed + vote!

Advance voting begins tomorrow! Do you have a plan? Do you know where to go to vote? Do you know who you are voting for? Here's what you need to do:


Step 1: Get informed

Who are your candidates? What are their values? Are they willing to collaborate with others across party lines? How well will they represent their constituents in Ottawa?

We've put together a handy list that links to the all-candidates debates, the party platforms, and includes an assessment of each party's position on Woodfibre LNG, and more.

This election is critical. The representatives we elect will determine whether we tackle our climate emergency or continue business as usual and promote dirty fossil fuel projects. Make sure you vote wisely.


Step 2: Vote!

Many of the ridings around Howe Sound will be key battlegrounds in the upcoming election. Remember, you should be voting for your specific candidate in your riding! Don't just vote for the leader, or the party. You need to know more about who your candidates are, and whether they are a serious contender or just there to warm a seat for a particular party (and split the vote).


Our democracy is so much stronger when we get informed and vote. Thanks for making your vote count.

Tracey Saxby

Executive Director, My Sea to Sky


My Sea to Sky is incredibly proud and grateful to say that we rely on the My Sea to Sky community for small donations that provide the majority of our funding. Since our launch in 2014, we have been funded through personal savings, family and friends; and powered by the passion of our volunteers. Your generous contribution will help us to run our critical campaigns to defend, protect, and restore Howe Sound. Every dollar helps.

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