Gibsons - Burnco Gravel Mine Open House

BURNCO Rock Products has applied (again) to build a large scale open pit gravel mine in the McNab Creek Valley in Howe Sound, despite widespread opposition. This threatens the McNab Creek estuary which is vital habitat for salmon and other species at risk.

CEAA public notice

About the project

BURNCO Rock Products wants to dig a 74+ acre pit and create an onsite crushing and processing plant, producing 20+ million tonnes of aggregate over 16 + years. The project will create only 12 direct operational jobs and threatens a productive estuary.

Key issues

  • Howe Sound watersheds and wetlands provide an estimated annual value of $800 million to $4.7 billion in ecosystem services.
  • Effects on marine life, wildlife, fish and recovering Howe Sound.
  • Effects on the biodiversity and ecological value of the estuary.
  • Noise reverberating off the mountains surrounding the site and the ocean. This area is valued for its peace and quiet.
  • Decline in property values and natural capital values.
  • No benefit to the local community, only loss of quality of life from noise and industrial activity.
  • Rezoning from current rural RU-2 to industrial use. Rezoning increases industrial land use in Howe Sound not protection.
  • Indirect and direct job losses due to negative effects of the mine on other economies in the area for only 12 permanent jobs created.
  • Cumulative impacts on wildlife from the new Run of the River power project and ongoing logging in the McNab Valley.
  • Future expansion of the mine beyond 16 years and its current proposed size.

Learn more

Learn more about the proposed Burnco gravel mine at Future of Howe Sound.

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