Urgent! Help us stop old-growth logging on Gambier Island

Tim Turner inspects a 200-year old tree on Gambier Island
Tim Turner counts the rings of a 200-year old Douglas Fir on Gambier Island.

Old growth forests right here in Howe Sound that are under threat.

Recently my brother, Bob, and I explored Whispering Creek on Gambier Island. This creek and its forests are a jewel but there are imminent plans to log this old growth forest causing irreparable damage to the watershed. The logging road is already built, and logging could begin any day now.

Please take action and help us to protect some of the last old growth forests in Howe Sound. There are two things you can do to help:

1. Sign the petition by Gambier Island Conservancy

Gambier Island Conservancy has set up a petition on Change.org, calling on the private woodlot operator, Gambier Forest Resources Ltd. to immediately halt logging.

It takes a minute to add your name.

IMPORTANT! Donations given through change.org do NOT go to the conservancy, so please donate to Gambier Island Conservancy here if you wish to support the cause.

Sign the petition

2. Send a letter to Premier Horgan to demand a moratorium on old-growth logging across BC

In 2020 the Old Growth Review Panel called for a paradigm shift in how we manage BC's forests. We need to recognize that ancient forests have intrinsic value for all living things and should be managed for ecosystem health, not just for timber sales.

Send a letter and call for an immediate moratorium on old growth logging while the 14 recommendations of the Old Growth Review Panel are implemented.

Send a letter

We cannot talk and log. Less than three percent of BC's ancient trees are left. Once these ancient forest ecosystems are gone, they're gone forever.

Thank you for taking action.

Tim Turner

Director, My Sea to Sky

P.S. A quick update: last month the My Sea to Sky community sent more than 1,948 letters in less than a week to the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resources, and staff have agreed to extend the stakeholder engagement process. Thank you! This is a big step in the right direction. Thanks to your letters, My Sea to Sky now has a seat at the table, and we will be working hard to ensure your voices are heard, and to protect Howe Sound's forests for future generations.


My Sea to Sky is incredibly proud and grateful to say that we rely on the My Sea to Sky community for small donations that provide the majority of our funding. Since our launch in 2014, we have been funded through personal savings, family and friends; and powered by the passion of our volunteers. Your generous contribution will help us to run our critical campaigns to defend, protect, and restore Howe Sound. Can you chip in?

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