How will temporary construction workers impact social services?

Woodfibre LNG is estimating 895 construction jobs over 2 years. These will be a mix of highly skilled and specialized jobs that the proponent admits will be filled by workers from outside the community, depending on the expertise available in Squamish. Only 38.5 of these jobs are currently estimated to go to Squamish locals (See Table 6.2-8 of the Labour Market section of Woodfibre LNG’s environmental assessment application).

Studies during construction of similar industrial projects with large numbers of temporary construction workers show that:

  • the number of workplace accidents increase.
  • crime and substance abuse and misuse increase which leads to an increase in traffic accidents and collisions, as well as increased domestic violence.
  • the additional demands on hospitals, counselling, police, and ambulance services results in reduced service capacity for residents.

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