Last chance to vote for climate action!

Wildfire in the Okanagan, summer 2021
Wildfire in the Okanagan, summer 2021. Climate change increases the likelihood and severity of wildfires.

Tomorrow is your last chance to vote for climate action. Here are some final things to consider before you cast your ballot.

Current seat projections

According to CBC's Poll Tracker, Trudeau's Liberals are currently projected to win a minority government (57% chance). To win a majority, the Liberals need 170 seats, which is unlikely (16% chance), which means that the Liberals will have to negotiate with either Bloc Quebecois or the NDP to secure the seats they need to form government.

There's only a 25% chance of the Conservatives forming a minority government, and a 1% chance of a Conservative majority.

How is government formed?

Once all the ballots are counted, the incumbent Prime Minister (Trudeau) has the first chance to form government. Even if the Conservatives win more seats, the Liberals still have an opportunity to negotiate with the NDP or the Bloc Quebecois to secure the confidence of the House of Commons.

A minority government composed of progressive parties is our best chance for real climate action, because the other parties can push the Liberals for more ambitious climate action, and other key asks like proportional representation.

The strategic vote could be Liberal or NDP or Green

Voting Conservative is a vote for climate disaster. To ensure we have a government committed to climate action, our best chance is to elect climate champions from any of the three progressive parties (red, orange, or green).

In some ridings in BC, the NDP candidate is the strategic vote. In others the strategic vote may be Liberal. And there are two ridings in BC that are projected to be Green.

Check the latest poll from 338 Canada and look at the vote projection for your riding.

If you choose to vote strategically, make sure that your elected MP knows that they were not your first choice and why, and highlight the need for proportional representation.

Last chance to vote!

Monday, 20th September is your last chance to vote.


  • Vote on election day, Monday September 20th from 7am to 7pm
  • Vote by mail
    IMPORTANT! If you ordered a mail-in ballot you must drop off your completed ballot at your local Elections Canada office anytime before the polls close on election day, or at any polling place in your riding on election day. If you mail your ballot now it won't arrive in time to be counted.

Thank you for voting for climate action. Remind your friends and family to vote too!

Eoin Finn

Chair, My Sea to Sky

P.S. You can read more thoughts on the election via our updates page.


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