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    Volunteer Celebration 2021

    What kind of celebration do you ask?

    The radical kind. The virtual 80s karaoke kind with trivia, guess the song, and more!

    Come celebrate our gnarly and totally righteous volunteers on January 29th at 7:00pm. You can perform karaoke, lip-sync, or cheer on other volunteers.

    You bet costumes are encouraged. Bring your big hair and big attitude with hot pink scrunchies, oversized sunglasses (yes, you can wear them at night), and Miami Vice jackets. Or whatever 80s fashion is hiding in your closet. 

    My Sea to Sky volunteers are what makes us successful. Thank you so much for everything you do. No matter what your level of activity was in the last year, your support and dedication have helped us. We would love to see you at this celebration.

    The last year has been incredibly challenging in so many ways. Let's celebrate everything that we have been able to accomplish together.

    We hope you can make it! 

    See you on the 29th! 

    - RSVP below to receive the zoom link and instructions - 

    From us all at My Sea to Sky....

    January 29, 2021 at 7pm
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    BC Election 2020: Shape our strategy and get involved!

    BC will be heading to the polls in a matter of weeks. If we want to elect a government that is truly committed to tackling the climate crisis, ending fossil fuel subsidies, and protecting our environment, this next period is critical.

    Right now we have a major opportunity to influence the platforms of the major parties, put the issues we care about at the top of candidate’s agendas, and make sure that people who care about the environment are getting out to vote. But how we do this, and how effective it is, depends on you!

    To run an effective campaign that puts our issues on the political agenda and engages the public to get out and vote, we need all hands on deck. Here are some of the tactics we are considering in the next few weeks. Which ones would you be willing to participate in?

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    Will you take action?

    As Woodfibre LNG is gearing up for construction, what actions are you willing to take to help us stop the project? Check all that apply:

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    Sign up to receive updates about events and key actions you can take to help us stop this LNG experiment in Howe Sound.

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    Help us #StopWoodfibreLNG. Sign the Howe Sound Declaration.


    20,389 signatures

    Howe Sound is world renowned for its wild natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and the vibrant communities we call home. We value intact ecosystems that sustain and support our communities, our livelihoods, and our diverse local economies.

    The proposed Woodfibre LNG project is based on faulty economics, will harm marine and terrestrial ecosystems, and poses an unacceptable health and safety risk for the communities of Howe Sound. This project does not fit our values.

    We call on the Provincial and Federal governments to reject the Woodfibre LNG project and its associated pipelines and tankers.

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