My Sea to Sky Delivers nearly 4,000 signatures to MLA Jordan Sturdy



October 8, 2015

West Vancouver – Today, October 8,2015, about a dozen residents of the Sea to Sky corridor delivered over 6,000 signatures, against the Woodfibre LNG project proposed for Howe Sound to MLA Jordan Sturdy’s office.

“With the Ministers about to decide to approve or reject the Woodfibre LNG EA certificate, we felt that the time was right to remind our MLA Jordan Sturdy that there is much opposition to this project and we ask that he is relaying this information to the Ministers to remind them that the public is not giving Woodfibre LNG the social license they need” Delena Angrignon, My Sea to Sky.

My Sea to Sky delivered nearly 4,000 signatures of the Howe Sound Declaration that were collected by dedicated on the ground volunteers who conducted outreach throughout the community as well as online since April 2015. Concerned Citizens of Bowen Island, a partner organization of My Sea to Sky, collected over 1,600 through community engagement. Propeller Strategies participated by delivering their own declaration with over 2,300 signatures to their Petition to Protect Howe Sound.

“The more that residents learn about the project and what it means with respect to job growth, revenue for the town and safety, the more momentum we get and opposition grows. It’s impressive how informed people have become since My Sea to Sky began in early 2014”, Melyssa Hudson, Co-Founder of My Sea to Sky.

Early 2015, groups along the Howe Sound corridor created a unified voice by developing The Howe Sound Declaration for concerned residents to unite under. The declaration captured the sentiment that the communities all felt strongly about – the recovery of Howe Sound not being threatened.

“People are opposed to this project for many different reasons. Some oppose the economic aspects while others are more concerned about the expansion of the fossil fuel sector coming to Squamish. But the one thing that the majority of people all agree on is that recovery has come such a long way with orcas, dolphins and herring returning to feed and spawn. To put a devastating seawater cooling system that has been banned in parts of the world near fish spawning habits is just absurd. Threatening the health of the ecosystem like that is outrageously irresponsible of our local and provincial leaders” Melyssa Hudson.

My Sea to Sky is expecting the Minister of Environment to likely approve the environmental assessment certificate with conditions and believes the process conducted by the Environmental Assessment Office has been nothing less than disappointing and serves to approve rather than reject industrial projects.

“After going through both the FortisBC pipeline and Woodfibre LNG pilot assessment process, it is abundantly clear that the process lacks integrity and needs to be changed so it can accurately fulfill its obligation to ensure that major projects meet the goals of environmental, economic and social sustainability. This one doesn’t. Delena Angrignon, My Sea to Sky.

MLA Jordan Sturdy was recently appointed as Parliamentary Secretary for Energy Literacy and the Environment for the Minister of Environment and currently serves as the deputy of the Climate Leadership Team developing the Climate Action Plan. The plan outlines strategies and initiatives to take BC towards meeting the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 33 per cent by 2020. Premier Christy Clark is quoted as claiming, ““We need to do more if we want to ensure we meet our greenhouse gas reduction targets,” acknowledged Clark. My Sea to Sky urges the MLA to seriously consider the implications on climate change that his decision to support the Woodfibre LNG project have on the health and future of his constituents who have serious concerns regarding the climate impacts of processing gas in the Sea to Sky region.

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Media Contact Melyssa Hudson Co-Founder, My Sea to Sky [email protected] 778 238 6331

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