LNG in Howe Sound violates international safety standards and practices

LNG tankers have a relatively good safety record thanks to strict international guidelines.1 These guidelines are not being followed by Woodfibre LNG. Canada has no regulations for LNG tankers and the potential conflict between recreational boaters, ferries, and LNG tankers has not been adequately addressed.2

Siting an LNG facility in Howe Sound violates international safety standards and practices

According to the Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO) LNG Terminal Siting Standards:

  1. LNG ports must be located where they do not conflict with other waterway uses, including fishing, recreational boating, and ferries.1

  2.  Long, narrow inland waterways are to be avoided, due to greater navigation risk.1 (Note that fjords such as Howe Sound are by definition "long, narrow inlets characterized by steep sides, created in a valley carved by glacial activity."3

  3. LNG ports must not be located on the outside curve in the waterway, since other transiting vessels would at some time during their transits be headed directly at the berthed LNG ship.1

  4. Human error potential always exists, so it must be taken into consideration when selecting and designing an LNG port.1

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My Sea to Sky aims to educate and raise awareness of projects that would negatively impact the environment and quality of life for communities located in Howe Sound, using rational fact-based information. Please donate so that we have the resources we need to Stop Woodfibre LNG.



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  • Elizabeth Rains
    commented 2018-04-08 11:01:43 -0700
    The picture of the tanker next to the ferry is shocking. I’d like to use it on my website (https://rainscoast.wordpress.com/). May I have your permission or the creator’s permission to do so? Also I’d like to cite the name of the artist/photographer if you could pass that along as well.

    Alo,, do you know if any organization in BC is seeking a moratorium on fracking? I think that could put Woodfibre LNG out of business.