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  • signed Sign the Howe Sound Declaration 2020-05-18 07:22:54 -0700
    Thank you to council for stopping LNG. And 5G Please continue to protect our local town and waters

    Help us #StopWoodfibreLNG. Sign the Howe Sound Declaration.


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    Howe Sound is world renowned for its wild natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and the vibrant communities we call home. We value intact ecosystems that sustain and support our communities, our livelihoods, and our diverse local economies.

    The proposed Woodfibre LNG project is based on faulty economics, will harm marine and terrestrial ecosystems, worsen climate change, and poses an unacceptable health and safety risk for the communities of Howe Sound. This project does not fit our values.

    We call on the Provincial and Federal governments to reject the Woodfibre LNG project and its associated pipelines and tankers.

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