Stand with water protectors

Skwomesh Action and My Sea to Sky are organizing a prayer gathering and peaceful demonstration to stand united with water protectors everywhere.

This is a great opportunity for the Squamish and surrounding communities to come together in support for all of our water protectors and our beautiful Sea to Sky water, our natural resources, and our future generations.

We also come together in solidarity with all others facing similar threats to their lands and waters, including:
Howe Sound
North Dakota
Lelu Island
Peace River
Bella Bella
North Saskatchewan

Bring your drums, regalia, signs, lawn chairs, and any sacred prayer items. Wear warm, rainproof clothing, and bring your umbrellas and a hot beverage in a reusable mug.

My Sea to Sky hopes to capture video footage of everyone forming a massive NO LNG to send to our Federal and Provincial representatives. Come out and be a part of this documentary.

We hope that you can join us in peaceful celebration of our Mother Earth and all that she provides for us.

Keeta Newman Dawn Harry Daniel Eli Matthew Voost Kyera Cook Laura Michelle David Crowther Melyssa Hudson Kevin Washbrook Jennifer Smith Devron J. Brown Dominique Monnier Tamara Stanners Tracey Baker-Schneider Martin Richmond Lyne Boehm Sarah Rose Bergland Michalina Hunter Les McDonald Jill Dunnigan Anne Bright Mcat Andersons Kelly Ann Woods Crystal DjKwe Favel Kristy Soper Vanessa Senecal Deborah McQueen Anjali Appadurai Alysia (Allie) Livesey Charlene Joseph Khelsilem Rivers Charlene Baker Drea Wood Rayne Rovtar Kwiwaw'tanat Virginia Johnston Julie MacKinnon Kati Palethorpe Gizem Kaya Asa McKee Susan Csere Colleen Cheyenne Chris Pettingill Amber Turnau Cinci Csere Angela DeWeerdt Chantal Schauch Candace Campo Thomo Pijon

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