TAKE ACTION! Send a letter to the Ministers to help stop Burnco

Our endangered Southern Resident Orcas are starving because there are not enough wild salmon for them to eat. Estuaries provide critical spawning habitat for wild salmon, yet the proposed BURNCO gravel mine threatens one of only three estuaries we have in Howe Sound. Why would we put the McNab Creek estuary at risk when there are many alternative locations to put a gravel mine in less sensitive habitat?

As our Citizens Working Group started reviewing the draft reports on BURNCO from the BC Environmental Assessment office, we realized (again!) that the environmental assessment process is completely broken.

Public engagement is nothing more than a checkbox on a form. The process relies on science that is bought and paid for by BURNCO, and simply cannot be trusted.

So this time... we decided to bypass the process and email the Ministers our concerns directly.

We have five days to send a message to Minister Mungall and Minister Heyman to tell them to stop Burnco and fix our broken environmental assessment process.

This is the first environmental assessment decision to be made by the new BC NDP government. This is a real opportunity to fix the mistakes of the previous BC Liberal government and ensure that our wild salmon are protected.

A flood of messages from BC voters will convince the government to put the BURNCO gravel mine on hold as it reviews the environmental assessment process so far. The BC government can't afford to alienate voters, and that makes your voice a powerful weapon.

Please take two minutes (TWO MINUTES!) to add your name to our template letter. Even better, edit the letter to share your concerns about the proposed Burnco gravel mine and how it will affect Howe Sound.


DEADLINE 10pm, Monday 27th November



What is that saying?

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

We're not going to get suckered into this broken process yet again. Make sure you send a letter to the Ministers now!

Tracey & the My Sea to Sky team


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