Tell Premier Horgan to stop funding fracking

Last year the BC NDP gave $1.3 billion of taxpayer money to oil and gas companies.

A new report by our friends at has revealed that subsidies to fossil fuel companies have increased to a whopping $1.3 billion a year under BC NDP leadership.

That's double what we spend on Climate Action and 5x more than we earn in royalties.

Ongoing subsidies and tax breaks for fossil fuel companies means there is less funding available to support critical social services like healthcare and education. Fossil fuel subsidies are expensive, incentivize pollution, and undermine climate action.

TAKE ACTION! Tell Premier Horgan to stop funding fracking.

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Chart showing fossil fuel subsidies have increased under BC NDP
Fossil fuel subsidies are estimated to surpass $1.75 billion in 2023-24. Chart by


How does this relate to Woodfibre LNG?

The single largest source of these subsidies is through the Deep Well Royalty Program—a tax loophole for fracking operators which could cost taxpayers $421M this year.

The owner of Woodfibre LNG, Sukanto Tanoto, has recently bought a fracking company, Pacific Canbriam Energy, which will supply gas for Woodfibre LNG (if it ever goes ahead).

If we can eliminate subsidies for fracking and LNG, Woodfibre LNG will never be economically viable.

It takes a minute to tell the Premier to stop funding fracking.

Even better—call the Premier's office and leave a message: +1 (250) 387-1715

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We cannot afford to give billions of taxpayer dollars to fossil fuel companies that are destroying our climate.

How do you think we should invest 1.3 billion dollars of taxpayer money?

Thanks for taking action.

Tracey Saxby

Executive Director, My Sea to Sky


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