I need your help

This summer, I've been working with a diverse network of environmental, indigenous, labour, health, business, faith, and youth groups to develop an open letter calling on the BC government to confront the climate emergency and commit to ten climate actions. Continue reading

TAKE ACTION! Ask BC to implement ten bold climate actions

The Federal election is over, and it's clear that Canadians overwhelmingly voted for climate action, whether they voted Liberal, NDP, Bloc Québécois, or Green. Now we need to turn promises into tangible climate action. Continue reading

Last chance to vote for climate action!

Wildfire in the Okanagan, summer 2021. Climate change increases the likelihood and severity of wildfires. Tomorrow is your last chance to vote for climate action. Here are some final things to consider before you cast your ballot. Continue reading

Your vote is your voice

This election is critical as climate change is spiraling out of control. If we don't take immediate action to end fossil fuels scientists warn we are facing climate, ecological, and social collapse. Everything we know and love is at risk. I'm having a tough time deciding who to vote for, so I thought I'd share a few of the things that I'm thinking about as I make my decision. Continue reading

Ask your candidates to confront the climate emergency

Wildfire in Coldstream BC, 9th July 2021. Photo: Gavin Phillips @ItsGavP It's "code red for humanity." Climate change is spiraling out of control, and if we don't take immediate action to end fossil fuels scientists warn we are facing climate, ecological, and social collapse. Continue reading

Why heat pumps are cool

Baby, it's hot outside. It was 42 degrees during the heatwave in Squamish, but our heat pump kept our home lovely and cool. I've been raving about my heat pump. Not something I thought I'd ever say, but get geeky with me. Continue reading

Woodfibre LNG: adding more fuel to the fire

Wildfire at the Woodfibre LNG site. Photo: Darren McPeake More updates on Woodfibre LNG. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up. Continue reading

Help us kickstart the #ZeroCarbonChallenge

Youth demand climate action at the global climate strike in 2019. In response, we've developed a ten-year plan to catalyze climate action. Learn how you can help kickstart the #ZeroCarbonChallenge below. Continue reading

Is Woodfibre LNG on the rocks? Read this summer update

Overview of Woodfibre LNG's updated site layout. It's been a bad few months to be an oil and gas exec... LNG's public image as a "climate solution" has shifted to "climate disaster" and rightly so. Many LNG projects are pulling the plug: from Goldboro LNG in Nova Scotia, to Kitimat LNG where both Chevron and Woodside have announced a fire sale with no buyers on the horizon. Continue reading

Tell Premier Horgan to stop funding fracking

Last year the BC NDP gave $1.3 billion of taxpayer money to oil and gas companies. A new report by our friends at Stand.earth has revealed that subsidies to fossil fuel companies have increased to a whopping $1.3 billion a year under BC NDP leadership. That's double what we spend on Climate Action and 5x more than we earn in royalties. Continue reading