Our plan to overturn Woodfibre LNG's five-year extension

Our very first demonstration to #StopWoodfibreLNG in 2014. Photo: Desiree Wallace I remember our very first demonstration to #StopWoodfibreLNG, in May 2014. Over a hundred of us lined up along the highway and cars honked in support as they drove by. Continue reading

Breaking bad news

CBC Vancouver reporter, Jon Hernandez, interviewing Tracey Saxby. It's been a roller coaster of emotions. Continue reading

BC's snap election: will you vote for climate action?

After a week choked in smoke from wildfires fueled by climate change, I was relieved for a week of extreme precipitation that cleared our skies. But scientists are now linking this "wild weather" directly to climate change and warning that our communities are at increasing risk of natural disasters. Continue reading

Urgent! Help us stop Woodfibre LNG for good.

Woodfibre LNG's current Environmental Assessment (EA) Certificate expires on 26th October 2020. To keep the existing EA certificate they need to begin construction before it expires, and that's not going to happen as the market for LNG has crashed and Woodfibre LNG hasn't even made a Final Investment Decision yet. Continue reading

FortisBC's pipeline puts residents at risk

I'm sure you saw the ads. Wait, what? You didn't? Huh... that's weird. Earlier this month FortisBC hosted two virtual information sessions to provide updates on their preferred route for the Eagle Mountain to Woodfibre pipeline, and relocation of the compressor station to the Woodfibre site. Continue reading

Heads up! Zoning Bylaw update in Squamish

Two examples of several properties that are being rezoned in Squamish. The District of Squamish is currently working on Phase 1 of the 2020 Zoning Bylaw Update, with a public hearing scheduled for this Tuesday, 28th July 2020. Continue reading

We did it! Thank you West Vancouver + Gibsons!

With unanimous votes, both West Vancouver and Gibsons councils have supported motions stating Continue reading

Celebrating small successes

District of Squamish council votes to ratify the motion not to support a five-year extension of the Environmental Assessment Certificate for Woodfibre LNG unless they can meet IPCC climate targets. Councillors Eric Andersen, John French, and Doug Race voted in opposition. Continue reading

Good news! Squamish does not support an extension for Woodfibre LNG

Comparing greenhouse gas emissions for the entire community of Squamish in 2017, with the projected local greenhouse gas emissions that Woodfibre LNG and the FortisBC compressor station will emit every year. Note that this doesn't include upstream emissions from fracking, emissions from shipping, or the emissions when the LNG is burned at the final point of combustion. These are local emissions only. References below. Continue reading

Woodfibre LNG has delayed construction... again!

Woodfibre LNG has delayed construction till summer 2021. But here's the kicker... they're using COVID-19 as an excuse to get a five-year extension on their Environmental Assessment (EA) Certificate. Continue reading