This Friday join youth worldwide for a #ClimateStrikeOnline

Our world has changed. As we're all adjusting to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to quickly adapt months of planning for the next global climate strike. We cannot take it to the streets, so will you join us on Friday, April 3rd 2020 for a #ClimateStrikeOnline? Continue reading

Winter update on Woodfibre LNG + FortisBC

A lot of the work for our #StopWoodfibreLNG campaign happens behind the scenes, writing letters to key decision makers and attending meetings. Here's the latest: Continue reading

How crashing LNG prices will affect Woodfibre LNG

Eoin and I have been scratching our heads. LNG prices have plummeted to the lowest they've been in a decade, yet Woodfibre LNG still seems to be moving ahead... sort of. Here are the latest updates: Continue reading

TAKE ACTION! Five days left to comment on Woodfibre LNG's floatel

Mock-up of the "floatel" at Woodfibre LNG. Only it won't look like this idyllic picture; it's a flatbed barge with ATCO trailers on top. Imagine what Squamish will be like if 600 cashed-up, mostly male workers that don't have a connection to our community come into town? Continue reading

Have you ever heard a whale breathe?

Earlier this summer, my partner and I decided to explore a few of the campsites on the Howe Sound Marine Trail. Leaving our house late one evening, we paddled across the Squamish River heading towards Tantalus Landing Sxwan’shnm. It was that still twilight where everything is calm, and the ocean was reflecting the sky in shades of pink and purple and indigo. That’s when we heard it. Continue reading

They're back! A critical moment to #StopWoodfibreLNG

The proposed floating storage units at Woodfibre LNG, made of two 40-year old retrofitted LNG tankers that are already at the end of their lifespan. We just found out that Woodfibre LNG, FortisBC, and the BC Oil and Gas Commission are presenting to the District of Squamish this Tuesday! We need to be there too and make some noise! Continue reading

Greta Thunberg is in Vancouver this Friday!

The election is over and Canadians have spoken loud and clear that we want our elected officials to work together for bold climate action. Millions of us have marched in the streets and shut down bridges to demand a future for our children and our grandchildren. Continue reading

It's E-Day! Get informed + vote!

These students can't vote, but they want you to. In the last few weeks, you may have been texted by one of our inspiring youth volunteers to remind you to vote. Today is your last chance. Continue reading

Get informed + vote!

Advance voting begins tomorrow! Do you have a plan? Do you know where to go to vote? Do you know who you are voting for? Here's what you need to do: Continue reading

URGENT! Help us fix the broken environmental assessment process

We are furious, and we need your help. For the last five years we've been saying that the environmental assessment process is completely broken... and right now, when we have a chance to fix it, the BC Environmental Assessment Office (BC EAO) has proposed changes that will make it even worse. Continue reading