Oil spill in Howe Sound

A barge has sunk near Port Mellon, dumping hundreds of litres of diesel into the marine environment and a pod of orcas were spotted very close to shore in West Sechelt a few days ago.  Continue reading

Minister Heyman is still refusing to meet with us about Burnco

We're getting desperate. We have tried for months to meet Minister Heyman, but his staff claim he is "too busy." As soon as the BC Environmental Assessment Office (BC EAO) delivers their report on February 2nd, Minister Heyman can no longer speak with stakeholders (that would be us!) about the proposed Burnco gravel mine. Continue reading

Have your say on Professional Reliance

Over the last 10 years, the BC Liberals handed over the keys to the (environmental) henhouse to the foxes (industry/developers) with a system of Professional Reliance (PR) that has created a huge accountability and oversight hole, and continues to result in serious environmental degradation. Continue reading

Four ways to take action to #ProtectHoweSound

Happy New Year! Here are four ways you can take action to help us #ProtectHoweSound in 2018. Continue reading

Who are our Howe Sound heroes? You are.

Howe Sound is full of everyday heroes, just like you and me. People that are willing to speak up and work together to protect Howe Sound. This is a critical time for Howe Sound, as this fragile and recovering ecosystem is threatened.  Continue reading

All I want for Christmas...

The first time I saw Howe Sound, my partner and I were fresh out of university and Squamish was our first stop on a three-month climbing trip around North America. As we drove from Vancouver along the Sea to Sky Highway in an old Dodge Caravan, we saw... Continue reading

Join me in Protecting Howe Sound ~ our jewel !

Do you remember Joni Mitchell's song? Continue reading

Why I'm hopping mad

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) has turned down the Burnco gravel mine twice before. Yet the BC EAO is recommending that the Ministers rubber stamp the project, even though the salmon data being used to assess the project for McNab Creek comes from consultants hired by Burnco. Continue reading

TAKE ACTION! Send a letter to the Ministers to help stop Burnco

Our endangered Southern Resident Orcas are starving because there are not enough wild salmon for them to eat. Estuaries provide critical spawning habitat for wild salmon, yet the proposed BURNCO gravel mine threatens one of only three estuaries we have in Howe Sound. Why would we put the McNab Creek estuary at risk when there are many alternative locations to put a gravel mine in less sensitive habitat? Continue reading

How we plan to stop Woodfibre LNG... for good.

Woodfibre LNG has been awfully quiet lately. What exactly have they been up to? And what are we doing to stop them? Here's the update: Continue reading