Economics and why LNG will not work now or in the future for BC

  Op-ed by Eoin Finn, January, 2016 “100,000 jobs, BCers first in line for those jobs, a debt-free BC, a $100 billion heritage fund and a trillion dollar boost to the provincial economy”.  Promises the BC Liberals made for the LNG industry in the 2013 provincial election campaign. We all remember them- what wasn’t to like? But… you may well ask … three years on and not a single LNG project is a-building … how are we doing on those promises?  And what part will Woodfibre LNG play in delivering on the promises? Continue reading

Why are the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) and Woodfibre LNG ignoring a lead to documented herring spawn in Howe Sound?

For the past 3 months, the group called Concerned Citizens Bowen has been researching Herring spawn in Howe Sound to better understand the possible effects to it from the Woodfibre LNG’s proposed cooling system. Both the Vancouver Observer and Globe and Mail have written about the potential destruction to herring spawn due to this proposal and have highlighted a long-time naturalist's survey work. What did they find and why is it being ignored?  Continue reading

First Nation’s Community Sets up Solar in Heart of Alberta’s Oil Sands Territory

SOLAR IN THE TAR SANDS  Indigenous community launches solar powered health centre One of Alberta’s biggest solar projects has been built in one of the most unlikely places—the heart of Canada’s Peace River oil sands. This summer the community of Little Buffalo launched the Piitapan Solar Project, a 20.8kW renewable energy installation that powers the health centre. The inspiring 80-panel solar project was developed in a bid to create more green jobs and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Continue reading

An Environmental Warriors vision for Howe Sound

“I am passionate about Howe Sound, this place I call home. My travels have reinforced the need to advocate for this region, not only when it is under threat, but to complete the work started by others in the 90's that Howe Sound needs a comprehensive holistic plan so we do not lose what is special about this place.  I have the time and skills to do this.” Ruth Simons, Executive Director for The Future of Howe Sound. Continue reading

By The Time 'Natural' Gas Has A Net Climate Benefit You’ll Likely Be Dead And The Climate Ruined

The evidence is mounting that natural gas has no net climate benefit in any timescale that matters to humanity. In the real world, natural gas is not a “bridge” fuel to a carbon-free economy for two key reasons. Continue reading

Christy Clark misses emissions targets says her Climate Leadership Team

                    Premier Clark’s Climate Leadership Team has urged her to adopt the 32 recommendations they presented, to ensure BC can be a climate change leader. Clark says she won’t commit to them. Continue reading

4.6 Magnitude earthquake in Northern B.C. caused by fracking

British Columbia's energy regulator has confirmed that a 4.6 magnitude earthquake in northeast B.C. earlier this year was caused by a nearby fracking operation.  Continue reading

Municipalities in Howe Sound call upon Federal Minister of Environment & Climate Change

  Municipalities aren’t taking chances with the Woodfibre LNG export project getting it's federal environmental assessment certificate approved by the new Federal Min. of Environment & Climate Change, Catherine McKenna.  Bowen Island and West Vancouver councils have sent letters to McKenna requesting a halt the federal decision on the Woodfibre LNG proposed project.  On Tuesday, Dec 15th the Lions Bay Council unanimously agreed with them and a letter will be sent to the Ministers imminently. Read the West Vancouver and Bowen Island letters:   Continue reading

UVic Lawyer on Woodfibre LNG

Environmental lawyer's take on the Federal Government's response to Woodfibre LNG by Mark Haddock of UVic Law A concerned citizen on Bowen Island Ross McDonald, asked lawyer Mark Haddock to look into the Woodfibre LNG environmental assessment that now rests with the Federal government. Mark Haddock writes on how the Federal Government can respond to the Provincial Environmental Assessment Office of BC that approved the flawed assessment in October 2015. Take a peek!    Continue reading

Fracking Regulation on Trial in Andrew Nikiforuk's 'Slick Water'

  Award winning author and investigative journalist, Andrew Nikiforuk launches new book unraveling the story of Jessica Ernst, the oil patch scientist and landowner defiantly challenging the regulation of fracking in Canada.  Continue reading