LAST CHANCE! Submit your comments on Woodfibre LNG now!

This is your last chance to submit your comments to the Federal Government and say NO to Woodfibre LNG as part of the latest public comment period organized by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA). We've made this quick and simple for you. Choose one of four easy ways to submit your comments now! DEADLINE, midnight 1st MARCH Continue reading

Woodfibre is not a done deal... but we need your help...

Woodfibre LNG is not a done deal. The Federal Government has not approved this project, and Justin Trudeau has stated that "Even though governments grant permits, only communities grant permission." We need to tell our Federal representative, Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, that we do NOT support Woodfibre LNG. We need you to be at these Town Halls this weekend. RSVP now. Continue reading

Why you need to be at these town halls, come rain, shine, or snow

This weekend, it is VITALLY important that you plan your weekend around the upcoming community town halls. WHY? This is your one chance to have a face-to-face with our MP, Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, and share how you feel about Woodfibre LNG and its negative effect on the health and vibrancy of our communities and Howe Sound. We need to fill these venues to overflowing to send a strong message to our Federal Government that we say NO to Woodfibre LNG. Bring your family, your friends, and your neighbours. For Squamish folks, join us in a photo action just before the town hall on Saturday that we will film and send to Ottawa. Continue reading

4 ways to submit your comments on Woodfibre LNG

As we wrote last week, we need your voices to make it clear to the Federal Government that the Woodfibre LNG project is unacceptable. Our amazing team of volunteers have drafted up some helpful ways you can participate in the latest public comment period organized by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA). Continue reading

It's time to take ACTION!

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) has completed an analysis of the upstream greenhouse gas emissions for Woodfibre LNG. Now we have three weeks to tell our new Federal Government that the Woodfibre LNG project is unacceptable. Woodfibre LNG is NOT a done deal. The Federal Government has NOT approved the project. It is still under review and there is no time limit on when they have to respond. PLUS if there is no pipeline there can be no Woodfibre LNG. FortisBC has NOT been granted their BC Environmental Assessment certificate. Squamish First Nation hasn't approved the FortisBC pipeline either and are still in discussions with Fortis. Here are some of the key actions we need you to take to help us apply some serious political pressure to stop Woodfibre LNG: Continue reading

Former BC Minister of Environment Comments on Latest Woodfibre LNG Public Comment Period

  I am surprised that even for a brief moment I thought things would change under the new government. I thought that fossil fuels would be passé after the Paris Agreements, that the Prime Minister' the Department of Environment, the Cabinet and Liberal Caucus were serious about immediately cutting back on fossil fuels into the atmosphere. Obviously this meant no more LNG and that Woodfibre LNG would therefore not proceed. I also thought that we would have better representation from our MP than hitherto so that we would get ample notice of any government activity that affected our constituency. Obviously I was wrong on all counts and, all of all people, I ought to have known better. Continue reading

LNG is NOT the cleanest fossil fuel on the planet

Written by Eoin Finn, B.Sc., Ph.D., MBA Only if you had been banished from BC would you have missed the claim by the BC Government, repeated over and over in the past three years, that Liquefied Natural Gas is “the cleanest fossil fuel on the planet”. “Cleaner than coal”, “will clean up China’s air”, “part of the climate change solution”, say LNG’s avid cheerleaders. Trouble is – none of these claims is true - and the BC Government knew it three years ago. Continue reading

Questions about Liberal government's pipeline review process

                The Council of Canadians says the Trudeau government's interim regulations for pipeline review processes are a good first step, but that there are questions and fundamental issues that still need to be addressed. Continue reading

OP Ed: Woodfibre LNG Ownership

Is this the kind of corporate neighbor we want to have? Would you attend a discount jewelry party in your neighborhood? Everything at 25% original value or less? There are such parties and I would advise you to stay as far away as possible - you don't have to be a brain surgeon to understand why. Your hosts will no doubt tell you that it's all "legit" but you know that everything is sure to be hot as hell and that sometimes these parties are set ups and many good citizens of the neighborhood wind up being charged with receiving stolen property. That would be the practical reason you would stay away. Might you also stay away because you don't want to reward criminals? You might muse "I wonder what supports the famous Thieves Market in Mexico City?" Or I  wonder if that expensive broach that Aunt Tilly had pinched might just show up at one of these parties? You might also ponder to whether you become an integral, albeit small, part of a worldwide criminal activity just by going to one small party and buying one watch?  Now, what do you now think about your neighbors holding this party, being such nice, pleasant folks while subjecting their neighbors to risk of jail and presumably making a little  something for their trouble?? Continue reading

Economics and why LNG will not work now or in the future for BC

  Op-ed by Eoin Finn, January, 2016 “100,000 jobs, BCers first in line for those jobs, a debt-free BC, a $100 billion heritage fund and a trillion dollar boost to the provincial economy”.  Promises the BC Liberals made for the LNG industry in the 2013 provincial election campaign. We all remember them- what wasn’t to like? But… you may well ask … three years on and not a single LNG project is a-building … how are we doing on those promises?  And what part will Woodfibre LNG play in delivering on the promises? Continue reading