Christy Clark's desperate election ploy

Last week Premier Christy Clark organized a last-minute press conference over at the Woodfibre LNG site to announce that the "project is a go" thanks to the latest eDrive electricity rate for the LNG industry. This eDrive rate is equivalent to a subsidy of $34 million every year for Woodfibre LNG - all for 100 jobs. You do the math on that. Save Save Save Continue reading

Blog: 'Technically legal' not good enough

April 24, 2016 - John French (pictured above), Woodfibre LNG’s Community Relations Manager, wrote hoping to assure the public that we need not to worry about the inherent risks of building an LNG export facility up Howe Sound at Woodfibre.  We are told that safety surrounding marine traffic “will be very manageable”. We are told that their proposed seawater cooling system is “legal”: both facile assurances uttered by a corporate representative paid to issue such assurances.  It is hoped we will set aside scientifically founded concerns about both public safety and environmental risk. Why?  Because it is “legal”, that’s why!  Continue reading

Minister Catherine McKenna's lack of due diligence on Woodfibre LNG approval

I cannot adequately express my anger, disappointment, and despair upon learning that you have given the green light for the proposed Woodfibre LNG project in Howe Sound, BC. The west coast is a long way from Ottawa, so perhaps you don't fully understand how the communities around Howe Sound have been fighting to stop this project over the last two years? Continue reading

Woodfibre LNG's owner not up to Canada's "highest ethical standards"

  The Federal Government has decided to grant environmental approval for the Woodfibre LNG plant in Howe Sound.  Critics of the project have long pointed to the alarming environmental and human rights record of businesses owned by Woodfibre’s owner, Indonesian billionaire Sukanto Tanoto. They question why, given such public commitment to pursuing the highest ethical standards, our government is handing over the future of this iconic place to a company controlled by an individual with such dubious ethical standards.   "For LNG, I believe the same three ground rules apply as when I was in office. Workers must see good-paying jobs, communities must see real benefits and we can never compromise when it comes to our environment.” Mike Harcourt, former Premier of BC, Vancouver Sun op-ed, March 22, 2015 Continue reading

Upstream Gas Emissions Not Adding Up

  More questions are being raised over the accuracy of the federal government’s new calculations of upstream greenhouse gas emissions for energy projects such as pipelines and liquefied natural gas plants. Continue reading

Woodfibre LNG: Whose side will Trudeau take?

  Will the Prime Minister side with our community? Or will the government ignore that lack of permission and give a permit to another reckless foreign resource company? Continue reading

LAST CHANCE! Submit your comments on Woodfibre LNG now!

This is your last chance to submit your comments to the Federal Government and say NO to Woodfibre LNG as part of the latest public comment period organized by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA). We've made this quick and simple for you. Choose one of four easy ways to submit your comments now! DEADLINE, midnight 1st MARCH Continue reading

Woodfibre is not a done deal... but we need your help...

Woodfibre LNG is not a done deal. The Federal Government has not approved this project, and Justin Trudeau has stated that "Even though governments grant permits, only communities grant permission." We need to tell our Federal representative, Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, that we do NOT support Woodfibre LNG. We need you to be at these Town Halls this weekend. RSVP now. Continue reading

Why you need to be at these town halls, come rain, shine, or snow

This weekend, it is VITALLY important that you plan your weekend around the upcoming community town halls. WHY? This is your one chance to have a face-to-face with our MP, Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, and share how you feel about Woodfibre LNG and its negative effect on the health and vibrancy of our communities and Howe Sound. We need to fill these venues to overflowing to send a strong message to our Federal Government that we say NO to Woodfibre LNG. Bring your family, your friends, and your neighbours. For Squamish folks, join us in a photo action just before the town hall on Saturday that we will film and send to Ottawa. Continue reading

4 ways to submit your comments on Woodfibre LNG

As we wrote last week, we need your voices to make it clear to the Federal Government that the Woodfibre LNG project is unacceptable. Our amazing team of volunteers have drafted up some helpful ways you can participate in the latest public comment period organized by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA). Continue reading