Watch the all-candidates forums

Hear what four mayoral candidates + twenty-two council candidates have to say at the all-candidates forums. (Note that Tess Linsley has withdrawn from the mayoral race).

All-candidates forum on the environment 2018-09-24

Hosted by SquamishCAN, Squamish Environment Society, and My Sea to Sky.

Question 1: Environmental health

What do you see as the three greatest threats to wildlife, habitat, and ecosystem health in Squamish? What are some concrete steps you will take to address these issues? How will you ensure they are part of the conversation when making decisions?

Question 2: Climate change

Climate change is a global problem that needs local solutions. What are tangible actions that Council can take to reduce carbon emissions/pollution from Squamish residents, businesses, industry, and local government?

Question 3: Development

What do you see as the three greatest challenges related to development in Squamish and how would you address them?

All-candidates forum 2018-10-01

Hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Squamish, Squamish Arts Council, Squamish Chief, and Quest University Canada.

All-candidates forum 2018-09-26

Hosted by SORCA.

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