Why we're voting Green

We haven't done this before. We're officially endorsing Dana Taylor of the Green Party for the West Vancouver - Sunshine Coast - Sea to Sky riding. 

Make sure you vote on Monday Oct 21st!

Why we're voting Green

Watch this video as two Howe Sound locals, Tim and Wendy Turner, explain why they're voting Green:

Video by Bob Turner

Why we're voting Green

Read my personal analysis of the West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky riding below:

The Greens are the only party that have committed to help stop Woodfibre LNG and take real action on climate change.

Dana Taylor is staunchly opposed to Woodfibre LNG, and has worked to defend Howe Sound as a member of Save Howe Sound. The Greens are the only party with an ambitious, transformative plan to tackle our climate emergency, and the only party with a plan that actually gets us to the target. As part of this, the Greens have promised to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies and ban fracking, which will have a direct and devastating impact on Woodfibre LNG.

SEE HOW THE PARTIES MEASURE UP ON CLIMATE ACTION (and note, taking action on climate is actually GOOD for the economy, if that's your thing. You can access all the party platforms here.)

While I also like a lot of the NDP platform, the NDP's consistent support for big industry and jobs irregardless of the cost makes me very wary of voting for them. Jagmeet Singh has stated his opposition for fracking while supporting LNG (ignoring the fact that we need to increase fracking to make LNG happen). Judith Wilson, the NDP candidate, is not a strong candidate, and she's only polling at ~8.2% right now. When I met Judith, she expressed concern about how big this riding was, and said she wasn't even doorknocking in Squamish. She left early from the local debate in Squamish, and didn't even show up to the environmental debate in West Vancouver. As a late addition to the ballot, she's literally just warming a seat for the NDP right now (and splitting the vote). Judith Wilson's view on Woodfibre LNG is that “it’s a project underway and it won’t be stopped.”

Patrick Weiler, the Liberal candidate, is quite well spoken, but while he grew up in this riding he doesn't currently live here. He was "acclaimed" as the Liberal candidate as no other candidates stepped forward. While I think he could be a good representative, he is hamstrung by everything the Liberal government have done (and all of the broken promises) from the last four years. Patrick Weiler has said that Woodfibre LNG is a done deal (at the environmental debate in West Vancouver). Meanwhile, the Liberal party's support for more tax breaks and subsidies for LNG over the last four years is critically undermining real climate action.

I met with Gabrielle Loren, the Conservative Candidate, and I was impressed by her willingness to change her mind based on new information - which is a quality I believe all candidates should have. However, I am strongly opposed to many of the values expressed in the Conservative platform. While Gabrielle personally supports equal rights for LGBTQIA+ and supports a woman's right to choose, and has said that she will not be whipped by her party, it's not actually possible for a Conservative not to be whipped without being thrown out of the party. Having another conservative elected in this riding is another seat towards Andrew Scheer gaining a majority government as Harper 2.0, and quite frankly that terrifies me. The Conservative's climate plan is very poor as they continue business as usual. We simply cannot wait another four years before taking climate action.

WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY "WHIPPED" TO LEARN HOW OUR GOVERNMENT REALLY WORKS Note that the Liberals, Conservatives, and the NDP are all whipped.

The green wave has been building in this riding

Everywhere I go, people tell me they are voting green. All over our facebook page, people tell us they're voting green. At the farmer's market, our volunteers report that people are voting green. As we've been texting reminders to vote the last few days, people are texting us back and proudly saying they're voting green. People are tired of the fearmongering and refusing to listen to the scare tactics from the other major parties warning us to vote strategically. In this election, people are voting for climate action and they're voting with their heart.

The Green candidate, Dana Taylor, did really well in the last provincial election with 28.7% of the vote, despite campaigning on a shoestring budget. We believe he has a real chance of winning this Federal riding.

It's a race between the Liberals and the Greens in this riding

I always look at polls with a grain of salt, because they can often be wildly misleading. That said, this poll (accessed 2019-10-18) is interesting as it shows that there is little to no chance that the Conservatives will win in this riding.

Liberals 38.4% +/- 7.1%
Conservatives 25.3% +/- 5.9%
Greens 25.2% +/- 6.2%
NDP 8.2% +/- 3%

So... let's take the error margin off the Liberal vote which brings it down to 31.3%... and let's add the error margin to the Green vote which brings it up to 31.4%.

Now... if everyone that was planning to vote NDP voted for the Greens that's another 8.2% of votes... that would bring the Greens to 39.6%.

So if you have ever held your nose while you voted for the Liberals or NDP... but *wished* you could vote Green, now is your chance to vote for what you truly want.

The millennial effect means more votes for progressive candidates

Squamish's population has grown, and combined with Whistler, Pemberton, and the Sunshine Coast our progressive votes will outnumber the more conservative/liberal votes in West Vancouver. Add to that the Millennial vote, which is more likely to be progressive, and this election is a whole new playground.

If you don't vote for what you want you'll never get it. But most importantly...

Please make sure you vote on Monday October 21st!

Step 1: Get informed


Step 2: Vote!


Thanks for making your vote count.

Tracey Saxby

Executive Director, My Sea to Sky

P.S. Not from the West Vancouver - Sunshine Coast - Sea to Sky riding? Please email me so I can update your address in our database. You should also research your candidates to decide which candidate deserves your vote in YOUR riding. Find a climate champion that has agreed to work across party lines.


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