Woodfibre LNG: adding more fuel to the fire

Wildfire at the Woodfibre site.

Wildfire at the Woodfibre LNG site. Photo: Darren McPeake

More updates on Woodfibre LNG. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up.

Wildfire at Woodfibre LNG

Last week, there was a wildfire at the Woodfibre site.

It was initially designated as "out of control" by BC Wildfire Service, then downgraded to a "smouldering ground fire" which has since been put out with the help of eleven BC Wildfire Service firefighters. The cause is still unknown.

Lucky there wasn't a high-risk LNG facility there, huh?

With ~250 active wildfires burning in BC, the link between burning fossil fuels and the climate crisis is clear. The propaganda from Woodfibre LNG that burning MORE fossil fuels to solve climate change has never appeared more ridiculous.

District of Squamish opposes Crown water lease

In a unanimous vote, Mayor and council have opposed Woodfibre LNG's recent application for a Crown water lease, citing "concerns with respect to a lack of engagement, inconsistent information, and missing information."

Woodfibre LNG's claims of good public engagement ring false, when it was left to My Sea to Sky to alert Mayor and council and other key stakeholders.

This is shameful behaviour by Woodfibre LNG. The lack of transparency and public engagement makes it appear that Woodfibre LNG is trying to sneak through the tenure approval process.


Quebec and Japan ditch LNG: will BC?

Quebec's environment minister rejected a proposed LNG project, noting that LNG is a false climate solution that will interfere with the transition to renewable energy.

In a big shake-up to the global LNG industry, Japan is also cutting its reliance on LNG in half by 2030, and investing in renewables.

This is in stark contrast to Premier John Horgan, who has doubled down on fossil fuels, partnering with Shell Canada to invest $35 million of your taxpayer dollars to prop up even more fossil fuel extraction through Blue Hydrogen (which is powered by fracked gas) and Carbon Capture and Storage. 

Meanwhile, a new report by the BC Oil and Gas Commission shows methane emissions from fracked gas are double what government thought. This completely undermines BC's claims of developing the "cleanest LNG" in the world. 

There's never been a better time to get off fracked gas or LNG.

Eoin Finn

Chair, My Sea to Sky

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