Woodfibre site has a history of landslides

Fjords are frequently subject to landslides and debris flows and the Woodfibre site has a history of slope failure. In 1955 a wharf and three warehouses collapsed into Howe Sound at the Woodfibre site, causing $500,000 – $750,000 in damages (Bornhold, B.D., 1983, Fiords, GEOS, no. 1, p 1-4). The Woodfibre site is not a safe location for a hazardous LNG facility.

A recent, but unreleased, geotechnical study by Knight Piesold supports this conclusion. The report identifies that approximately 46% of the study area was mapped as having rapid mass movement. This means landslides and slope slumpage... including existing natural landslide hazards as well as terrain where construction activity may increase landslide initiation.
Source: Section 5.6-16 Geotechnical and Natural Hazards of Woodfibre LNG’s environmental assessment application.