Woodfibre wants to suck up 17,000 tonnes of seawater, chlorinate it, heat it, and spit it back into Howe Sound every hour

The once-through seawater cooling system proposed by Woodfibre LNG is unacceptable. They want to suck up 17,000 tonnes of seawater from Howe Sound every hour, chlorinate it, heat it, and then spit it back out into the sound. This method has been banned in California and several other places as it is very damaging to marine life such as juvenile salmon, herring, and plankton which are the building blocks for all other life in Howe Sound. They want to dump 17,000 tonnes of hot, chlorinated sea water every single hour which is equivalent to 7 Olympic-sized 50-meter swimming pools. This will likely reverse the recent revival of marine life in Howe Sound.